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VEGAN Nail Hardener with Calciums & Proteins - 14ml

VEGAN Nail Hardener with Calciums & Proteins - 14ml

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LENA VEGAN Nail Hardener with Calciums & Proteins 

For stronger nail structure. Protect or repair.

LENA VEGAN Nail Hardener is packed with calciums and proteins to help rebuild the structure of the nail bed and to protect nails from damage before a manicure.
Use to repair damaged nails from repeated manicures or as a strengthening base underneath nail polish to protect the nails from damage. As a base coat LENA VEGAN Nail Hardener will protect from damage and discolouration.

Instructions: For best results, apply using the brush 2-3 times per week for a period of approximately 30 days. You can also continue to use it for more treatments as and when desired. Before re-applying, please remember to remove the previous layers using a good quality nail polish remover. 

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