The Pretty Little Nails Ethos

"Not only do we believe that our customers should be able to purchase vegan friendly and cruelty free cosmetics, we believe they should have the choice to do so without compromising on product quality."

Our formula is a regular, superior quality nail polish that offers a salon quality, gel like finish that lasts up to 10 days wear with our top coat. Vegan friendly and cruelty free nail polish. 100% recyclable packaging.

The Pretty Little Nails Ethos

At Pretty Little Nails (part of LENA Beauty) we are proud to create nail polish for ingredient and quality conscious shoppers.

We have been creating nail polish for ingredient conscious shoppers for many years, including halal friendly nail polish (found at LENA nail polish) and now our gel effect nail polish at Pretty Little Nails.

We believe that our customers should not be forced to compromise their principles and beliefs when wearing their favourite products. This is the reason we founded LENA Beauty and why we continue to develop products to meet the demands of fashion and ethically conscious customers.


Our Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Policy

Our Pretty Little Nails gel effect nail polish is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

We do not use any products or raw materials which have been tested on animals, or that contain animal derivatives. 

We do not and will not knowingly purchase any ingredients or raw materials from suppliers that  are party to animal testing or who use products that derive from animals.


Our Sustainability Policy

The packaging (lid and bottle) of our nail polish is 100% recyclable. 


Our Quality Policy

Our formula offers the ease of regular nail polish application with a salon quality, gel like finish. It lasts up to 10 days when worn with out top coat.