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Welcome to LENA Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Hey, we are the co-founders and we founded LENA breathable nail polish for one purpose, to give you the most gorgeous shades of LENA halal nail polish at great prices.

Halal Nail Polish

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We have extensive knowledge and experience working in the nail industry; and have used this combined knowledge to produce the exciting LENA breathable halal nail polish brand. We aim to specialize in making professional LENA halal nail polish in as many shades as possible at affordable prices. We want our customers to be able to use a professional breathable high end salon quality nail polish formula that won’t break the bank.


Our nail polishes are created for the sophisticated  health conscious woman looking for great colours and quality. All our polishes are vibrant, rich and long lasting giving them a beautiful finish and a quick drying time. We aim to create gorgeous shades for you ranging from subtle hues to funkier shades, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends and rocking them on your nails.

LENA – Water Permeable Nail Lacquer – Egyptian Fashionista – LE12 ⇒



Our nail polishes are quite popular with muslim women who can now enjoy their manicures and pedicures knowing they are using a wudhu (a pre-prayer ablution which requires them to wash their hands and feet) friendly nail polish. Our formula uses a special polymer which enables oxygen and moisture to be transported through the nail polish. I’ts permeability allows moisture and oxygen to make contact with the fingernails after you have applied nail polish. All our breathable lacquers fulfill tests for water permeability performed in a controlled laboratory environment. The normal nail polishes prevent oxygen and moisture from getting in contact with their nails. For this reason we consider our nail polishes to be a healthier option for your nails.


LENA Breathable Nail Polish | Water Permeable | Halal Friendly

We use a high quality brush which allows our well pigmented nail polish to be applied flawlessly. The careful preparation of our nail polish formula ensures a smooth and easy application. Each colour is carefully created with love and inspiration from the co-founders; allowing you to wear our gorgeous shades with your gorgeous outfits.


Our polishes are delivered in 14ml bottles. Each nail polish has been given a fun quirky name so that customers can remember the shades they adore. Stocked in salons across the world and used by some of the leading nail technicians. DPB, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. Distributors of our products can be found worldwide.

If you have a general inquiry regarding our nail polishes then drop us an email. We love to work with and receive feedback from our customers. We are always looking to create new collections.

LENA Breathable Nail Polish | Water Permeable | Halal Friendly

 ⇐LENA – Water Permeable Nail Lacquer – Hijarbie Pink – LE10

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  1. Thought I’d try Lena nail varnish because of the water permeable qualities. I was a bit hesitant at first because it is a lot cheaper than other branded water permeable nail varnish. I was pleasantly surprised how great the Lena nail varnishes were. The colours were amazing and you only had to apply one coat. The brush gave an even smooth application which painted my nails beautifully. I will be definately buy more colours from the range.

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