The ultimate guide to breathable nail polish

The ultimate guide to breathable nail polish

Breathable nail polish ?  A new trend ? YES……..and it’s here to stay!

Breathable nail polish is certainly becoming popular worldwide particularly among women who are looking for healthier alternatives to the traditional nail polish that they have been using. It is also gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance among Muslim women.

LENA breathable nail enamel was launched in 2016 with the aim to create a healthier alternative to conventional nail polish and that it would protect the health of the nails. LENA nail polishes are made with a special polymer which allows water and oxygen to pass through the nail polish.


We are all aware that wearing conventional nail polish consistently will eventually make our nails weaker and therefore susceptible to breakages and also leading to discoloration. You may ask yourself why this occurs with traditional nail polish and the answer is simply because nail polish creates an impermeable layer preventing oxygen and moisture from reaching the nail bed. LENA breathable nail polishes have been specifically designed to tackle this issue by allowing oxygen and moisture to reach the nail.

For nail polish lovers who want to dig deeper in to the structure of our breathable nail polish formula then it can be explained by simple chemistry. Traditional nail polish consists of tight molecular bonds which are stacked in straight lines directly on top of each other restricting access to the nail , whereas our breathable nail polish has the kind of structure which allows air and water molecules to pass through the structure with ease.

Some advantages of breathable nail polish:

  • According to research it has been shown that using breathable nail polish can last longer than traditional nail polish. This is a great advantage for nail polish users as it prevents the need of consistently reapplying nail polish.
  • We are aware that leaving nail polish on your nails all the time is not ideal for nail growth and nail health. But seriously if you are the type who does not want your nails to be without nail polish then breathable nail polish is exactly what you need.
  • If you love wearing nail polish then with our special formula you can wear nail polish whilst at the same time you can be promoting nail growth and nail health.
  • LENA Breathable nail polish has a smoother texture than conventional nail polish giving it a more luxurious finish and giving you added pleasure whilst applying it to your nails.
  • Our breathable nail polishes have a fast drying time, so look no further if time is of the essence when painting your nails.
  • Breathable nail polishes have always been more expensive and it is our aim to bring breathable nail polish prices in line with traditional nail polishes so that you can enjoy healthier nails without breaking the bank.

So why did Muslim women around the world expressed their excitement upon the release of LENA Breathable Nail Polish in 2016?

Other than a lesser harmful alternative to traditional nail polish, LENA breathable nail polish is well suited to the fashion conscious Muslim woman.

So, why the excitement for Muslim women, you may ask? Well, for many Muslim women, manicures and pedicures have always posed a religious concern amongst them. This is because they have to perform a pre-prayer ablution (wudu) which requires them to wash their hands and feet. The conventional nail polish has been mostly avoided because it prevents water from getting in contact with the nails; and now, LENA have found a great solution for this concern; they have introduced their breathable collection. LENA nail polish is an exciting new “breathable” Halal Nail Polish, meaning it is water and oxygen permeable. Moisture and oxygen can make contact with the fingernails even though you have applied nail polish.

The LENA breathable nail polish is an innovative nail lacquer with a special formulation allowing moisture and oxygen to reach the nail bed promoting healthier nails. Rest assured, that using the LENA breathable nail polish you are getting a salon quality finish even when you do your manicure or pedicure in your own home. Furthermore, you will be kinder to your nails protecting them from moisture deficiency and discoloration. To achieve a salon quality finish simply apply a layer of base coat, followed by two thin layers of the color until totally opaque. If looking for a glossy finish then simply add a layer of top coat.

LENA water permeable nail polish is a creamy, highly pigmented formula and comes with a good sized, high quality brush allowing it to be easily applied evenly to the nail resulting in a luxurious finish. For a high quality finish use LENA Breathable Base coat and LENA Breathable Top coat. The smooth texture and durability also makes it perfect for all types of nail art. LENA breathable nail polish is not only easy to work with but will make you feel stunning with it’s glossy and luxurious finish.

Although LENA breathable nail polish is a relatively new product it has quickly established itself as a global brand leading the way in creating a healthier nail polish.

There are 16 new shades available in LENA Breathable Nail Polish and many more are planned for future collections.

The latest colours from the LENA Collection 2016 are mentioned below:

  • Arab Girl – Not too bright and not too dark, this candy apple red with a crème finish is just cute and super awesome. This nail polish is a perfect complement to most occasions be it on a night out with the girls or looking classy at work. Besides stirring your confidence, this colour will bring out the seductive and dynamic lady in you. A nail polish wardrobe just cannot be complete without a classic shade of candy apple red.

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  • Barefoot in Bah-rain –This particular shade gives casual elegance to the wearer. A favourite to all who love a classy, chic, sophisticated, demure, understated polish. A truly timeless colour that looks wonderful and classy as well.


  • Dubai Calling – What better way to discover shade paradise than spoiling yourself with this enticing white hue! Wear two or three layers of this awesome polish and you are ready to go! Not feeling bold enough then simply use this for your French manicure. A staple in any nail polish collection.


  • Egyptian fashionista – A lovely high-carat lacquer, this stunning gemstone of a nail polish will give you a top-notch manicure and pedicure you will treasure and adore for a long time. This soft gorgeous shade of pink makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. You can wear it to work, college, or formal events without feeling intimidated.


  • Faith.Fashion.Love.Life – A toasty-warm burgundy nail polish that you can wear to any occasion while maintaining your queenly state. This is the colour of simplicity and friendliness and is more the reason to wear this shade when going out to hang with friends giving you the kind of confidence only found in its texture!


  • Got Myself into a Burkini – a gorgeous sweet pink nail polish. This creamy pink is neither too bright nor too pink, making it a perfect shade for all you pink lovers out there. Three coats will definitely give you full on coverage. This is the perfect pedicure shade to use during summer.


  • Hijabs, High Heels & Handbags – With this sheer shimmery soft pink polish, every day is a special occasion! A very soft gentle pink that is wearable with any outfit. This truly, is a perfect definition of soft and stylish. It is the most fabulous shade for any skin tone. With a touch of chicness and blush, you can wear this shade to work, to a trip, to a business meeting and many more occasions. Anytime is a perfect time to say hello to this super cute colour!


  • Hijarbie Pink – With this shade on your nails you will find it very difficult to resist the urge to look at your fingers now and again. This bright pink Barbie shade has a great shine that will make you feel every inch a woman. This gorgeous, silk soft polish pairs perfectly with a tantalizing party dress. It also looks great with a tan.


  • In My Veil-kini – Graced with a little sheer finish, this has got to be any fashion stylists and manicurists’ favourite. This iconic essential shade is a must have for all fashion conscious ladies at all times. This colour contains the magic to complement any skin tone and can go with any colour. It contains enough pigment to add a little pop of colour, making it an excellent choice when you are undecided.


  • I’m Sooo Modestly Dressed – With this juicy, wildly-flirty nail polish, you will appear fashionably hotter and compelling at a girls’ night out than you usually are! It gives you the best way to shout to the world that you are on top of your game when it comes to fashion and class. And of course, this mischievous, playful blend of purple and pink says volumes!


  • I’ve got it veiled – A light shade with a mark of class, grandeur and modesty. This shade gives more than it is purported to provide. A year-round polish you should not hesitate to get your hands on. You will do yourself a lot of favours by adding this shade to your nail polish collection.


  • Jumeirah Me Crazy – This overwhelmingly erotic blush nude, a little scandalous, makes the perfect peach colour for any skin tone. It is a gorgeous, amorous peachy-nude you cannot afford not to lay your hands on…or not to polish your nails with, rather! It is the colour to grab when you want to look demure.

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  • Kuwaiti Princess –This soft and smooth polish is the epitome of elegance. It gives a great look in all seasons. It is the perfect light gloss one can wear day in day out. A must have possession for any nail polish enthusiast.

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  • Let Me Abaya a Drink – Two coats of this bright red shade will give you a truly striking and magnificent hue. If you love to be bold, go ahead and give your nails three coats! Still, you can’t go wrong with even one coat as it gives a fabulous look. This vibrant classic red colour works for everyone and all complexions.


  • My Minds Gone Casa-blanc-a – This coral tangerine is a hauntingly captivating colour that any fashion lover should possess. With the first finger application, you can’t help but fall in love with it. Since it doesn’t shout, it is a go-to-colour any time of the year – spring, summer, autumn or winter. Not too orange yet not too cheap!


  • Scarf So Chic – A universally flattering shade, this colour gets in just on any season’s bright trend. You need to say ‘Hi’ to this super cute colour to remain relevant. With this shade on your fingers and toes you are sure to bring out the optimistic, charismatic and gentle inner person in you.